If your child is struggling at school because they have a disability that makes formal education difficult for them, then don't allow them to continue to struggle without assistance. Help is available if you know how to access it. Your first step must be to speak to your child's school. The teaching staff at the school will be in the best position to know how your child performs at school every day and they have the responsibility to refer students for educational assessments if they believe it will help.

How can educational assessments help?

If a child needs extra help at school because of a disability, then finding out how educational assessments work is essential. Depending on the outcome of any assessment, your child could be able to apply for support under an appropriate government program. In most cases, a child will be able to be assessed for an intellectual disability or a language disorder that impacts their ability to learn.

Who conducts educational assessments?

 When it is the future of your child's education which is at stake, then you must be certain that the very best care is taken at every stage of the process. When your school requests that your child attends an assessment, you must ensure that speech pathologists and registered psychologists will be the ones making the decisions and determining the outcome of the assessment. Parents of the child should always be aware that an assessment will take place and should be able to attend the assessment if they wish to do so. If you have concerns at any stage of the processes it is always wise to ask questions so that you can be certain you are aware of what is happening at every stage.

What happens after an assessment?

All educational assessments should take into consideration not only the current needs of the student but also their history so a full picture of their requirements can be made. Once the assessment has been completed, a written report will be compiled and feedback will be provided to ensure that your child is able to access all of the help to which they are entitled.

If you think that your child could benefit from an assessment, then why not speak to their school today and see if they think an assessment could be the right way forward for them. They will then be able to put the process in motion.

For more information, contact an educational assessment service.