The human body is a remarkable structure and is able to move in an incredible number of different directions in order to perform everyday tasks. Everything works around the spine, and this is where most of the complexity lies, with vertebrae, bones, discs, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons all working together in order to provide function. It is not surprising that issues can arise from time to time, and you may be perfectly aware that something is not right at the moment. What is the most likely cause of the pain that you're currently feeling, and what can you do about it?

Get Going

Although the back is remarkably flexible, issues can arise through a simple but awkward movement. You may also encounter back pain due to repetitive action or simply sitting for long periods of time under stress. Typically, back pain is caused by muscle or ligament strain, and while you may be tempted to rest in order to fix the issue, it may be a good idea for you to become even more active.

Movement Ideas

There are a variety of different exercises available in order to try and manipulate or stretch the area in question. For example, you could lie on your back and place your hands on top of your head. Slowly roll to one side as you bend your knees forward, but ensure that your feet remain planted on the floor. Try this in one direction before reversing and repeat in each case.

You may be able to find relief by facing a wall and placing your right palm on the surface ahead of you. Bend the left leg as far as you can go behind you and hold it in place with the other hand. Once again, switch to the other side and repeat, while maintaining the hold for several seconds.

If you can, lie flat on the floor with your knees bent. Tense your stomach muscles and push your back into the floor. Hold this position for several seconds, and repeat a couple of times for best effect.

Short-Term Relief

If you find that you are in considerable pain, then you can take some over-the-counter remedies to begin with, as these may provide short-term relief. Muscle relaxers may also be an option, but you should never take these medications for long periods without getting advice from a professional.

Chiropractic Help

If you try some of those exercises and find that you are still in pain, talk with a chiropractor and get their advice. They may be able to perform some corrections or advise another course of back pain treatment to help you get back to normal.