Your hearing aids may have worked fine so far, but they may start to play up a little as it gets older. For example, you may start to hear static noises in your aid every now and then. Sometimes, this static can happen when you're too close to something that is transmitting at a high frequency, like a mobile phone or TV. Typically, when this happens, the static sound stops when you move away from the object.

However, a hearing aid can also pick up static because it has developed a problem. What might be causing your static pick-ups?

Battery Problems

If the battery on your hearing aid lacks power, then the aid may pick up static. This noise may be a sign that the battery needs replacing or charging. In some cases, you may also hear static through your hearing aid if there is something wrong with one of the battery connections in the aid. For example, a loose connection or wire may create a static-like noise.

Parts Problems

Sometimes, the parts in a hearing aid start to breakdown over time. The parts may still essentially work, but they may start to develop problems that affect the way your hearing aid works. For example, if the amplifier in your hearing aid starts to wear down or fail, then it may not be able to amplify sounds correctly. It may create static noises, either occasionally or permanently, because it isn't working quite right.

Dirt and Moisture Problems

While your hearing aid is sealed, it's not necessarily airtight. As it gets older, dirt and dust may build up inside the aid. This can stop all its parts from working correctly. Plus, if you've been in a steamy environment, then your hearing aid may end up with moisture in it. For example, if your hearing aid was in the bathroom when you took a hot bath, then steam may have got inside the aid.

Like dirt, moisture can affect the working parts of a hearing aid. This can produce static until the aid dries out again. If you're hearing static noises through your hearing aid regularly, then you need to have the problem looked at. Your hearing aid clinic can help you work out what is wrong with the aid.

In some cases, your clinic may be able to repair any defective or failing parts; a maintenance clean may also help. If your hearing aid is an older model that is simply failing, then it may be time to get a new one.