If you or your child are planning to take up boxing in the near future, but you also have—or plan to get—braces, you are probably wondering if it's safe to box with braces. While there are risks that come with boxing with braces, as long as you take the right precautions beforehand, you should be fine.

Safety isn't the only concern, however. You can spar and train with braces, but when it comes to competing, the rules differ.

Here is what you need to know about boxing with braces.

You Will Need an Orthodontic Mouth Guard

When boxing with braces, you can't rely on a typical sports mouth guard to protect your braces and teeth. This is because sports mouth guards are much harder and less forgiving than orthodontic mouth guards and so will offer your braces little protection from damage. This could prove costly, as your orthodontist will need to carry out repairs on your braces.

Orthodontic mouth guards, however, are made of silicone, which is softer and cushions your braces and teeth, protecting them from impacts. If your orthodontist is experienced in making mouth guards for boxers, they may offer to create a custom mouth guard for you, specifically designed for your teeth.

However, you can also find orthodontic mouth guards in just about any sporting store.

Orthodontic Wax Helps to Reduce Abrasions

Another simpler way of protecting your lips and cheeks from cuts is to apply orthodontic wax to the brackets and wires before you begin sparring.

Apply a little wax before slipping on your mouth guard as a second line of defence against injury or damage.

You Need Permission from Your Dentist to Compete

If you plan on competing in future, keep in mind that you will need to ask your orthodontist to sign a "release to compete with orthodontic braces" form; otherwise you will not be permitted to box.

This form can be found at boxing.org.au.

Lingual Braces Won't Cut Your Lips and Cheeks

This type of brace is ideal for boxers as it sits on the back of your teeth rather than the front. Because of that, your brace or braces will be safe from impacts for the most part. However, lingual braces are only designed to straighten the 6 teeth in the smile zone: the central and lateral incisors and the canines.

Nowadays, many boxers compete whilst wearing braces. As long as you wear the appropriate mouth guard, there will be little danger to you or your braces. Let your orthodontist know about your plans to box, and if they have any experience in this area, they may be able to give you some additional tips on how to protect your braces. To learn more, contact a clinic like TLC Dental.