Developing oral problems can be quite painful and uncomfortable. One of the more disruptive oral conditions that you could develop is an impacted wisdom tooth. However, since the pain starts off gradually, some people make the mistake of assuming it is a minor problem. The reality is if you leave this impacted tooth unattended, it could lead to other complications such as misalignment of your teeth, gum disease and even the growth of cysts in the affected area. This is why it is prudent to go to a dental clinic if you begin to notice the symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth. So how would you know if you are developing an impacted wisdom tooth?

You are experiencing a throbbing ache in your mouth

One of the first symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth is a constant, throbbing ache that radiates from the back of your mouth. This pain may seem to engulf your entire mouth over time but it will be originating from the wisdom teeth. Left unchecked, you begin to feel pain in the adjacent teeth as they begin to be pushed against by the impacted tooth.

Your gums feel swollen and tender

Another symptom that would be indicative of an impacted wisdom tooth would be pain in your gums. As the, impacted tooth becomes worse, our gums start to swell. Not only will they feel tender but they could also start to bleed. This can make your entire oral hygiene routine a painful ordeal as you brush and floss your teeth. Bleeding gums also pose the risk of other oral problems developing such as gingivitis as your gums will not become susceptible to bacterial infections. It is prudent to see your dentist in the shortest time possible to prevent additional problems due to the impacted wisdom tooth.

Your jaw becomes swollen

When your gums start swelling, it is only a matter of time before your jaw follows suit. This may occur quite subtly in the beginning and can easily be mistaken for swollen gums. However, over time, your swollen jaw can start to affect your quality of life. Chewing food steadily begins to be a painful process. In worst-case scenarios, you may also find it hard open and close your mouth, which would adversely affect your ability to clean your teeth, talk and more. It is essential to visit a dental clinic so that the impacted wisdom tooth is extracted before further oral problems occur.

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