If your teeth are misaligned or you have gaps between them, you might be thinking about getting orthodontic treatment. When the look of your braces is an issue, both ceramic braces and plastic aligners are good option since you aren't dealing with bright and shiny metal braces. Here are some things to consider when trying to choose between these two options.

Plastic Aligners Are Slightly More Invisible

While both of these braces are less obvious to others than traditional braces, neither of them is completely invisible. If you are talking to someone right in front of you, they will likely know you are wearing braces. However, the plastic aligners are a little less obvious than ceramic braces. With aligners, they look similar to whitening strips that are placed over your teeth. For the most part, they are clear and not very noticeable. With ceramic braces, they are made to match the colour of your teeth, but are still a bit more visible up close. You also still have wires going between them, so that is also easier to see.

Both Options Are More Expensive Than Traditional Braces

In terms of cost, you should first be aware that both types of braces are going to be more expensive than traditional braces. Also think about the fact that while dental insurance often covers regular metal braces, they might not cover either of these. Some insurance companies view them as optional or cosmetic, so be prepared to pay for them out-of-pocket. The best way to determine the price difference is to talk to your dentist. The overall cost can vary based on a lot of factors, including how long you wear them, what orthodontist you get them from, and how severe your tooth alignment problem is.

Ceramic Braces Can Help With Bite Issues

If you not only have misalignment problems with your teeth, but also have an overbite, underbite, or crossbite, you might not be able to get the plastic aligners. These are better for mild tooth alignment problems and gaps between your teeth, but not always great for bite problems. If you have a slight overbite, they might help, but ceramic braces tend to be better for moderate bite issues and jaw alignment problems.

Plastic Aligners Are Removable

A major benefit for plastic aligners is that they can be removed. The material is already more comfortable in many cases than ceramic braces, but you also get to remove them when you are eating and brushing your teeth. You still need to wear them the majority of the day, but this is good when you want to get your teeth as clean as possible.