Orthopedic surgery is treatment that is performed when you are suffering from musculoskeletal problems. These problems can come about due to an array of reasons such as sports injuries, arthritis and aging. The following are some of the various types of orthopedic surgery that you may encounter.

Orthopedic surgery for knee replacement

As the name suggests, this type of surgery is carried out to replace a damaged knee. It tends to be a fairly common surgery to remedy sports injuries. Patients may also need a knee replacement if they are suffering from advanced arthritis that is causing excruciating pain in their knee. Knee replacement surgery constitutes the removal of the cartilage that is found within the knee joint. The orthopedic surgeon will then replace this cartilage with an implant made from either plastic or metal. There are several ways that the implant can be anchored onto the knee, but the most common technique is using screws that will be drilled into the bone. Once the implant is in place, it takes a while for bone tissue to regenerate around it. Gradually the patient will regain full functionality of their knee.

Orthopedic surgery for hip replacement

Hip replacement surgery tends to be surgery that is popular among elderly patients. This is because as you age, you begin to suffer from bone loss, which makes it more likely to break a hip. However, hip replacement surgery may also be required due to complications arising from arthritis or sickle cell anaemia. With this type of surgery, the orthopedic surgeon will extricate the patient's ball and socket joint that is located at the hip. Once this joint is removed, it is replaced with either a metallic or a ceramic component to provide functionality of the hip joint.

Orthopedic surgery for rotator cuff treatment

The rotator cuff is located in the shoulder. It is a crucial component of your arm as it is what allows you to have a range of motion with your arm. Rotator cuff problems typically come about in individuals who engage in sports that require intense use of their arms such as tennis. If the rotator cuff is overly strained, it can acquire a tear. This tear will then limit your range of motion. Additionally, you will typically suffer from excruciating pain if you try to lift any weight using the affected arm. Orthopedic surgery would be carried out to remedy the tear and restore functionality to your rotator cuff.