Physiotherapy is often thought of as a more in-depth or extended form of massage and while some of the same techniques are employed, it is very different in its aim. Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals who have undergone years of training to learn all about the many aches and pains that affect your joints, muscles and ligaments, and they know how to help remedy solutions through physical means. Everyone can benefit from a physiotherapy session now and again because of how common the problems they treat are. Here are a few common issues you probably have faced in your life that can be helped with regular appointments at your physiotherapist. 

Stiff Back From Work Or Sleep

Stiff backs are one of the most common complaints that you will find and yet so many people just put up with it for years on end. Whether it is from bad posture, working at a desk all day or sleeping in a strange position, bad backs can affect your overall mood and demeanour, not to mention the actual pain they create. As such, you shouldn't force yourself to put up with it. Physiotherapy can help soothe this pain by firstly diagnosing the exact problem and where it stems from, and then working on it through targeted joint manipulation. The physiotherapist will also likely give you tips for how to manage this issue on your own at home. 

Exercise Injury

Millions of Australian's exercise on a daily basis, and every now and then some will suffer from an injury of some kind. Whether you are a runner that has tweaked a muscle or a powerlifter who can't seem to shake a niggling injury, physiotherapy can help get you back into your rhythm sooner. There is nothing more annoying than wanting to work out and keep going with your fitness journey only to discover that you physically can't. Don't wait months to get back to your best when a weekly session with your physiotherapist can help cut that time in half, or even less.

Accident Recovery

Accidents are a part of life, whether they be automotive related or just simply a fall due to a slippery surface. How you deal with an injury like this can determine your mobility and quality of life later on, so it pays a lot to treat this accident as seriously as you can. Physiotherapists are great at working out knots, releasing tension in tight muscles and soothing traumatised areas of your body so that it feels much looser and normal again. If you don't treat these issues, they can last for years on end and get progressively worse, so be proactive about it!