Discussing your funeral with your local funeral home is something many people face. It is an arrangement that will allow you to plan everything from your service options and visitation to the headstone you would like to mark your grave. Though many of the choices are fairly simple, the choice of your headstone or statue etchings can be difficult. Here are some unique etching ideas that may help you narrow down your options.

Photographic Etchings

There are times when you may want your wedding picture, military service picture, or other image placed near your headstone. Instead of going for this option, you could have it placed on the headstone itself. Many stonemasons can help with this by using etching machines to create the exact image of your photograph on the stone. This image will remain on the stone for the same duration of time as any other etching or engraving option. You can also have this done to plaques and certain statuary.


Most people have a favorite work of art or painting. You may even have a favorite photograph or image of a landscape or place you have visited. You can have these images added to your headstone in the form of a carving. The misconception is that carvings like this are only done in monochromatic imagery. The truth is, most stonemasons can create carvings that are filled with colour and can give the impression of a painted image on the stone. You can have this done to most granite and stones used for headstones and memorials. 

Mixed Imagery

One of the more unique styles that people use is to mix the different imagery on their headstones. What this means is that they use a mixture of statues as well as etchings and carvings to create the headstone that best suits them. For example, they may have a statue of an angel with the monument attached to the angel in some way. They would then have the monument or memorial stone etched and carved to show a painting or picture and the wording of their choice. 

If any of these etchings is something you are interested in, or if you want statues or carvings, contact your local funeral home. They can help you with the different choices and even suggest stone masons that can offer more individualized designs. If there is any pricing change for your pre-planning related to these unique etchings, you can discuss it at the time of your pre-planning consultation.